Photocopier Rental

All your office equipment needs are covered at Photocopier Rental !

We will advise you on the right photocopier solution for your business.  We provide quality service and advice on all your office equipment needs, our professional and dedicated Sales team will assist you in making the right decision.

The benefits of Renting your office equipment…..

Sydney Photocopier Lease


  • Initial Outlay – No upfront costs or capital expense (100% financed).
  • Payment flexibility – All rentals are fixed for the term of the agreement.
  • Easy to upgrade – Customers are not stuck holding out of date equipment.
  • Financial benefits – Include being able to claim GST as you go & the ability to spread your costs over the term of the contract.
  • Terms – Flexible term options between 2 to 5 years
  • End of Term – Rental gives you the best option at end of term as there are no additional payment to make. Your old equipment can be returned to the supplier and updated with new models.
  • Accountancy – All monthly rental amounts are fully tax deductible, please check with your Accountant for further information on rental payments.